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Portable hydrogen maker hydrogen gas inhaler Trustlex

By drinking of hydrogen water and intake of hydrogen gas, a new hydrogen life starts
More than 10.000ppm (H2 gas), around 900ppm in 3mins. Get rid of the bad water smell


Portable hydrogen maker hydrogen gas inhaler

A lot of medical papers have been published, which show how hydrogen raises anti-oxidation power in blood. It is also said that it has an effect on life-related diseases and beauty. With TORASANO, hydrogen can be absorbed into the body via two methods. For those who usually drink tea or fluids frequently, "drinking of hydrogen water". For those who do not like drinking fluids much, "inhalation of hydrogen". Of course, we recommend both to those who want to take in hydrogen efficiently.

Why don't you start your life with TORASANO?

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● Electric power : DC3.7 / 1600mAh

        (lithium polymer battery)
● Power source:AC100 – 120V or

  AC220 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz / DC5V, 1A
● Dimension: 272 x 75 x 65 (HxD1xD2)mm
● Body weight: 400g
● Body capacity: 480ml
● Operating temperature: 5 – 40℃
● Electrode:Platinum-plated + titanium
● Material:ABS (body, lid, base)
● Accessories:
   Adapter,USBcable,bottle connector,

  Instruction manual,warranty
● Open price


*Information in this catalog is subject to change without notice because of improvement in product. (Made by Trustlex Factory in Korea.)



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